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Guardian classes: Warlock.

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[Zack would’ve been the best dad ever.]

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tell me about yourself (◡‿◡✿)

name: katrena
age: 19
sexuality: heterosexual
relationship status: single
eye color:  brown
height: 5’5”

favorite season? fall/spring
favorite movie/s?: guardians of the galaxy [yeeeeppppp]
favorite album?: the quantum enigma ~ epica
favorite band?: epica
favorite quote?: 
favorite shirt?: my johnny depp cry baby shirt

smoke?: nope not any more
drink?: i do when i go out [which is rare]
write?: all the time
play an instrument?: piano

your favorite place: the forest that’s right by my house
your favorite memory: one summer me and my sister hung out non stop we went to the movies, mall and just chilled the whole time great memories
your ideal partner: someone that is obviously kind, has a love of music [maybe in a band ;)], maybe a love for video games haha..if not that at least doesn’t mind that i love it! somebody i can talk to and hang out with..really just somebody that is going to be like my best friend!! also i wouldn’t mind someone i find attractive haha!
your bedroom: WEELLLL ever since i came back from vacation some assholes decided to clean it out…so i have no clue where most of my prized possession are…so it’s boring..sadly
yourself in three words: nerd, cheerful and shy

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My Sims Creations; Callista Stone close ups

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we all have this one character death that we will never be over and fine with

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bae: Hey wanna come over? :)

me: im playing video games

bae: … I’m home alone… ;)

me: ok but im playing video games